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StormBrixx® HD (Heavy Duty) range

ideal for retention and detention for heavy duty applications

Detention / Retention Heavy Duty Applications
1.StormBrixx®inspection point6.StormBrixx® top cover
2.Outlet7.StormBrixx® tank body
3.Geotextile protection fleece8.StormBrixx® layer connector
4.Geomembrane9.StormBrixx® access cover
5.StormBrixx® side panels10Inlet

Underground Stormwater Detention Specifications

– Same applications as ACO Stormbrixx® SD
– Fire truck, delivery vehicles, or other heavy duty vehicle traffic up to 66,139 lbs

Porosity – 95%
Height – 24.1″
No. of Layers – 1-4
Design Life – 60 years

More Details About StormBrixx HD
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